Mid-day pick me ups don't always have to revolve around silky smooth cold brew + a beautiful splash of almond milk. When it comes to a super simple caffeine-free energy boost, our go-to tends to be fresh lemon juice & cayenne pepper. It's awesome for reducing inflammation, boosting your metabolism, supporting your immune system, and side note - it tastes magical. Add some raw apple cider vinegar, ginger or turmeric for an even bigger health, immunity and energy boost to get you buzzin' through the rest of your day!


Start with a single lemon and 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Depending on your taste buds, step your cayenne game up from there. I tend to go  H E A V Y  on it for the added spice and major energy boost. It's your call if you want to make this recipe in a juicer, but there's really no need.

Simply squeeze, sip, and shoot that goodness back! Done + done. xx