Whether it’s a universal energy shift, hormones, or just a particularly sensitive week, we all have those days where we just break. Ego takes over and we feel lost. We question our journey. We fill ourselves with self-doubt. We beat ourselves up. But we’ve all been there, love. Some of us more times than we’d ever like to admit. Allow yourself to dive into those emotions, cry if you need to. Then take a few deep breaths and remind yourself of these simple tips to redirect yourself back to the light within.

Honor these emotions. It’s part of the struggle. Recognize its root, what caused it, and why it’s chosen now to come to the surface. Look it straight in the face because it’s here to teach you something. Look for that lesson.

Once you’ve heard the lesson come through, redirect the negative thoughts and self-doubt. Honor that it is here to teach you something, and send it on its way. Like a weed, you need to pull it from its roots, or it will keep sprouting back up. You’ll soon notice the Universe tends to repeat the same lessons until we’ve learned what it’s trying to teach us. Listen with an open heart.

Reset your soul back to a place of love, kindness, and joy. It may just be repeating these loving thoughts to yourself or it may extend to others around you, there’s no judgment here. Take long, deep breaths and with every inhale focus on that joy. Envision that light. See how bright it is? With each exhale, let go of any fears. Take it a step further and hop onto the yoga mat, go for a run, dance it out, or call upon a loved one for some extra healing vibes.

You are much needed on this planet to help spread your passion, your joy, and your art so don’t let that light dim now. Honor your gift, breathe, and keep going. You are apart of the awakened and the world needs so much more of it. Be light, give light.