I first discovered the magical benefits of oil pulling a few years ago when I was looking for a natural way to whiten and strengthen my teeth. I soon discovered not only did it seamlessly do both, but it was also another wonderful tool for detoxing my body! It works wonders when it comes to pulling additional toxins and viruses out while reducing stress and inflammation.


If you don't already have a yummy jar of coconut oil in your pantry, pick up a high quality, organic, cold-pressed coconut oil at your nearby health store.  There are so many healing benefits to coconut oil with a taste and texture you can’t help but love to make this an extremely enjoyable daily routine. The best time to pull is first thing in the morning when bacteria and toxins (yuck) are most present. Simply:


1.     Take a big spoonful of coconut oil & let that goodness melt in your mouth.

2.     Swish for the next 10-20 minutes. Use this time to multitask around the house or even sit down and maybe meditate a little. Take this time for you.

3.     Spit.

4.     Brush your teeth with fluoride free toothpaste & floss as normal.


Yeah, it’s seriously THAT quick and easy. Everyone’s results vary, my own happened to be in a just a couple of weeks, but it’s so beneficial that you’ll be inspired to do it consistently. Get to pulling, baby!