If you're unfamiliar with the importance of your own gut health but often suffer from bloating, cramps, food sensitivities, gas, a weak immune system, constant fatigue, anxiety, brain fog and skin blemishes then you may need to give your gut some extra lovin’. 

Many of today’s modern diseases are very dependent on the health of your gut and intestinal tract due to unbalanced diets that happen to be high in sugar and low in healthy fats and good bacteria. Our digestive tract houses more than 3/4 of our immune system and contains 10 times more bacteria cells than all the human cells in the entire body so it's no surprise that so many modern diseases are so connected to our gut. Bring some mindfulness to your current diet, cut out those sugars, and add in five our favorite gut (and taste bud) approved foods below!


A strong, allergy free, probiotic provides your body with a daily supply of awesome bacteria that are necessary for proper flora balance. I’ve found that the dairy free brands that are high in lactobacillus work best with my body. They also pair beautifully with digestive enzymes for the fastest and easiest addition to any busy bee's routine.


This magical fermented beverage gives your body improved digestion, increased energy, and comes packed with a load of more natural probiotics. Plus it tastes ah-mazing so you’ll quickly be buzzing off that booch! Just be mindful of the sugar content in each. We're currently crushing on Health-Ade's power greens and maca berry flavors. Low in sugar without compromising any flavor, so key!

Fermented Foods
My current obsession! Everything from sauerkraut to kimchi to fermented beets. They’re packed with flavor while still providing a blast of vitamins, they help detox heavy metals out of your body, and contain a natural variety of microflora. Making your own at home is super simple but you can always stop by your local Whole Foods to pick up a few pre-fermented goodies. Farmhouse Culture has our hearts with their smoked jalapeño kraut and kimchi gut shot!


Bone Broth
The gelatin contained in bone broth helps seal your gut, which helps aid in proper digestion. Broth also contains anti-inflammatory properties from the amino acids, which help with whole body inflammation, not just your gut!


Coconut Oil
I mean, what can’t coconut oil do?! It comes packed with a powerful source of fuel for your cells, prevents the growth of viruses and yeast in the gut, and aids in proper digestion. As if you didn’t need another reason to love it!


Our gut and digestive tract are both so vital for overall wellness so make some easy changes to treat that baby right. Breath in deep, exhale deeper, and slow down when you're chewing your next meal for better absorption. Show that gut some love!