I’ll let you in on a little secret: We are all mirrors. Whatever we hold inside of ourselves is a direct reflection of our outside circumstances. This includes our relationships, career, and even overall health. Manifesting a loving partner, a passionate career, or vice versa, first begins with the love we hold for ourselves. If you’re not exactly where you want to be or who you want to be with at this point in your life, slow down and give yourself some extra attention with just three easy steps.


Gratitude & Forgiveness

Start each morning with gratitude. What are you thankful for at this very moment? Your furry kiddos snuggled up at the end of the bed? The deep-rooted friendship between yourself and your tribe? Your start up business that you sacrificed everything for? Whatever it may be for you, find that gratitude every morning. Every action you’ve chosen to make has led you to this very moment, so take some time to find gratitude in your hard work, love. At the end of the day, forgive yourself for anything you still may be holding onto. Don't take those mistakes with you to bed. Acknowledge what was done and forgive. You may even be holding onto something someone else did that day. Inhale deeply and exhale all that sh*t right out. You don't need to bring that bad energy to bed. And if finding forgiveness becomes challenging, go back to gratitude and name at least three things that happened that day that you're grateful for. You can find them, I promise.


Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul

Healthy eating plays a vital role in self-love. You’re making the conscious decision on a day-to-day basis to provide your body with the highest form of nutrition. That’s love, baby. But don’t neglect your soul. Take a little time every day to do, watch, read, or listen to something that inspires you. Don't have enough time? Take 5 to 10 minutes to meditate. Don’t invest 50+ hours a week to a job that leaves you feeling depleted, only to come home and not invest any time into your own passions. You deserve that time too, don’t you dare forget it.


Move & Groove

Don’t tell yourself you don’t have time for this because you do, you just haven’t found what grooves with you yet. Go for a run. Go for a hike. Try a kickboxing class. Or hot yoga. Start with beginner’s yoga! Go to spin class. Hire a personal trainer. The more it is outside of your initial comfort zone, the more opportunity for growth that you have. You’re going to squirm a little on your first few tries. You’re going to sweat a lot. You’re going to feel sore for a day… or two… or three. But what happens after that is pure magic. You’re going to get stronger. You’re going to sleep easier. And you’re going to enjoy looking in the mirror, because damn, you worked hard for that body. This isn’t about losing weight, this is about finding that mind body connection, pushing yourself outside of any comfort zone, and falling in love with this newfound strength.


We’re often made to feel that self-love is a selfish act. This is not the case. When we love ourselves, for all of our flaws and for all of our strengths, we in return become better partners, lovers, friends, mothers, fathers, and every role in between. We manifest partners who show the same love that we worked so hard to show for ourselves. We’re able to show up for our children and parent out of love, not anger or stress. We’re able to communicate better with others around us because we know how to communicate with ourselves. During this month, take time to show some extra love, gratitude, and appreciation to your loved ones. They sure as hell deserve it. But don’t forget, so do you.