As the weather heats up and the flowers start blooming, our seasonal allergies come out to play. Shutting down those sneeze attacks and itchy eyes is so simple, tasty, and full of silky goodness. Let me introduce you to your new go-to: Raw. Local. Honey. And oh baby, is it good.

In order for it to be effective it must be raw, it must be local, and it needs to be allergen appropriate. If you're unfamiliar with where to find some, start at a local farmers market. There's generally at least one local honey vendor there. Some of their variations aren't going to be raw, so make sure to ask the vendor or check the label. Raw honey will contain living enzymes which is key. Yes, you've probably seen raw honey options at your neighborhood Trader Joes, but it needs to be local because it will contain pollen that is local to your state. If you purchase yours from a market, ask where and when the honey was harvested. If you're suffering from spring allergies, you want to purchase a brand that was harvested in the spring. With new seasons comes new allergens, love.

Consuming just one tablespoon a day of this golden goodness will help your body build a tolerance to the local pollen that is currently attacking your sinuses. If for some reason raw honey just doesn't groove with you, try asking the local vendor for straight bee pollen. It tends to be a tad more expensive, and it tastes nothing (and I mean nothing) like honey but I find it to be even more effective with just a teaspoon a day. You can take a spoonful directly or mix it in with your morning green smoothie if the taste bothers you. I've even incorporated it into my pups diets when the local pollens start bothering them too so it's furry kid approved and friendly. 

Toss that allergy medicine into the trash stat, love, and go get yourself some honey!