Tribe, soul sisters, homies. Aside from our life partners, they are the closest ones to us. They know what pushes our buttons, our greatest loves and fears, our favorite song to dance in the car, our career aspirations, and best of all they know how to make us laugh from the depths of our bellies, tears flowing down our faces. With a few of my closest friends moving to different states recently, I've been asked "but how do I find my own tribe here?", which led me to the question of how I was blessed with mine.

As with any relationship, romantic or not, we are a mirror of exactly what we're holding onto internally. Think of a time when you were surrounded by more than one or two negative people or situations in your life. What was going on with you at that point in your life that you were attracting that jerk from the bar or that dead end job? Often times when I look back on what I considered to be a more negative time in my life, I look at who I was surrounded by and how my bad energy was attracting these particular people and situations in. The moment I started discovering my passions, following my curiosity, exercising daily, meditating, practicing forgiveness and love on a constant basis, eating mindfully and intuitively, I attracted some of the best people I've ever come into contact with, with similar attitudes and habits to my own. Babe, there is no way in hell that's some sort of freaky coincidence.


Life gets hard sometimes, really, really, frustratingly hard. But giving into the stress and letting it consume you will only attract more negativity. Instead, give into the light, embrace that light, become that light darling, and you'll start attracting the same beautiful souls. The best part is you'll meet them at unexpected places. Through social media, at the farmers market, in yoga class, at spin class, seated next to you at the restaurant, walking their dogs through your neighborhood. The key to all of these places is that you're out in the community, shining your light, always radiating love. I learned that when I stopped saying no to experiences that were outside of my comfort zone, I started meeting the most magical of people. The type of people you wake up grateful for everyday. 

Get out there love, let that light shine, and find those souls that groove with yours. Because they're out there searching for you too. Promise.