Sometimes all of life’s curveballs and obligations can be overwhelming, stressful, and all too consuming. One anxious thought leads to another and like a giant wave we can feel like we’re being sucked into its negative forces. Dedicate 5 loving minutes to yourself, now if you need it, for this simple meditation practice to bring yourself back to center.


Sit comfortably on the floor, in a chair, or lay down if needed.


Take a long, slow, deep breath in through the nose. Exhale deeply through your nose or mouth, whatever is more comfortable for you.


Repeat for 5 loving breath cycles.


Keep breathing, but with each inhale think of something you are grateful for. Maybe it’s a simple act of kindness from that day, kissing your kiddos goodbye on their way to school, or having overall gratitude for your health. Repeat it, envision it, really take it in.

With each exhale let whatever anxious thought is currently pestering you go. Breath it out, loud and heavy if you need, and just let that sh*t go. Inhale that light and positivity, love. Exhale the darkness and heaviness.

Bring yourself back to that gratitude. You have so much to be thankful for. Yourself, your ability to nourish yourself, your strength, your sense of humor, your children, your furry kids, your partner, your business or career, your health. Find that gratitude. Take out a pen and paper if you need help and once you find it, go back to those deep breaths.

Continue this cycle of breath until you’ve allowed the stress to melt away. This may be longer than 5 minutes, and that’s okay love. You deserve this time. You have so much to be thankful for, let it sink in, and embrace that light. Smile. You’ve worked so hard for this life, don’t let ego bring you down today. You’ve got this.