You've probably noticed bone broth popping up all over the health community more recently for its super healing and loving benefits. Bone broth is most commonly made by simmering chicken or beef bones, a generous amount of water, and the occasional veggies for a few hours. Most recipes even recommend saving the bones, freezing, and reusing so it's a fairly simple to throw a batch together every week on your own. You want to sip on this goodness when it's warm, almost like you would with a cup of tea, midday or in the evening. But hey, If texture doesn't freak you out, grab a spoon after it cools down for a few bites of that gelatinous goodness!

What makes the broth so beneficial though? The amazing powers of collagen and gelatin. These two play a huge factor in healing and supporting your gut and our gut health plays an enormous role in our physical and mental health. Some conditions linked to an unhealthy gut have included depression, anxiety, IBS, and obesity. Some members of the Conscious Dining team personally experienced less anxiety and more mental clarity after introducing bone broth into their weekly routine so it's pure gold in our book.

The true game changer though? Bone broth has been stated to be better than Botox! Again, the collagen and gelatin in the broth are golden for improving the quality of your hair, nails, and especially skin. When you assimilate the collagen in the bone broth, your body will naturally adhere it to the places in your body lacking it the most: wrinkles and cellulite!

If you're still unsure about this new craze, try a bowl every week at your local Whole Foods for the next month and listen to how your body feels. More mental clarity? Plumper skin? Less anxiety? Hmm, we may just be onto something magical here!