Whether you're taking a spin class, hopping on the mat for some yoga, going for a run around the neighborhood, or headed to the gym, your body relies on the proper fuel to keep you going strong throughout the entire workout. Besides a well nourished diet on a day to day basis, what can you be consuming just 15 minutes prior to give you that extra boost without any chemicals or jitters? Earthy, vibrant beets!

Say whaaaa?! Yes! For one, beets are naturally higher in sugar than a lot of vegetables. It's super beneficial before any workout because these natural sugars will provide you with an instant energy boost, without becoming jittery or crashing later. The magic in them though is that they help your arteries dilate, increase your oxygen intake, and contain magnesium that helps ease muscle tension and stress. Ohhhh, yes!

Now before you go roasting a bunch of beets, listen closely for a much easier, and sustainable solution. Juice them! Juicing the beets and consuming 15 minutes prior to any workout will allow your body to skip the digestion process and absorb all of those vibrant nutrients directly into your bloodstream. If beets just aren't your jam, start off with the golden variety (which can be found at your local Whole Foods). They're going to be much milder in flavor, a little sweeter, and add a nice golden touch to your juice. Combine with a tiny bit of apple, carrot, lemon, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, and cayenne for an even bigger boost in your energy. Remember that the beets are higher in sugar, so you do not need to add a ton of fruit to this blend!

If you don't have a juicer, don't stress, love! Swing by your local juice shop and look for a cold-pressed blend that contains beets or again, stop by Whole Foods because they make their own cold-pressed version with some added leafy greens that's pretty awesome. A lot of health food stores are starting to carry a beet-extract powder being advertised as the perfect pre-workout so you're always welcome to try that but check for any added sugars or chemicals. You're skipping out on the direct stream of completely raw nutrients with that route as well but do what works best for you, baby!