It had taken me weeks to master the secret to perfect homemade nut butter. Who knew the entire time the only thing I was missing was a whole-lotta-patience? If you're still on the struggle bus when it comes to making your own, let me introduce you to quite possibly the simplest recipe to homemade nut butter... with a few tips I've learned along the way!

Homemade Nut Butter
1-2 Cups of Raw Nuts
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to taste

Simply add all ingredients to a Blendtec, Vitamix, or food processor and blend until smooth!

With a recipe that simple, what was I messing up all this time? Here are a few of my own tips that make for a smooth, creamy, dreamy butter!

1) If you're using one of the blenders mentioned above, start at a low speed for a few minutes. Once it gets into a groove you can speed it up a tiny bit but keep it a medium speed at max. I used to think I could lock my nut butter game down in less than 2 minutes at a high speed but that's just never been the case. 

2) Experiment with a variety of nuts! I started my research with almonds, then to cashews, and from there I've done everything from pecans to hazelnuts. And oh baby, I can tell you they are all simply AH-mazing in their own ways. I stick to raw nuts for more nutrients but you could always do a little roasting beforehand as well.

3) Patience, my dear. Although the recipe is simple, it is going to take a good 5-10 minutes until it's the consistency you see in the stores. I tend to turn mine on while I'm making something else in the kitchen to keep me pre-occupied.

4) Once you've got your basic recipe on lockdown, start throwing in some superfood add-ins! Cacao, cinnamon, maca, reishi, goji berries, dates, vanilla bean, coconut flakes, cayenne pepper, or even espresso grounds. The biggest benefit to having such a simple base are the endless options to boost it up, boo!

These butters have definitely become a staple in my house, and I actually feel like I eat less of it after seeing the work that goes into it. The price can sometimes be the same, maybe more, than a store bought butter, but the taste is simply out of this world. Get in that kitchen and get to blendin', love!