These pre-summer vibes having us feeling some type of way and what better way to celebrate than by getting the tribe together for a day by the pool? Don't worry love, poolside refreshments don't have to be limited to just cerveza and sugar-filled cocktails. Grab some mason jars from the cabinet and whip up a few of our favorite low-sugar, summertime spritzers!

Fresh Mint Leaves
Pomegranate Seeds
Fresh Papaya
Lemon (cut into wedges)
Sparkling H20

Simply start by muddling the fresh mint leaves at the bottom of the mason jar. Add as much pomegranate seeds and fresh papaya to your liking. Top with sparkling water and add a few lemon wedges to each jar. Voila! 

So simple, refreshing, and super hydrating for a low-key Sunday Funday. Pure gold in our books. Grab the tribe, grab a book, and catch some rays.