Day dates are my jam. They're my favorite way to get outside of my comfort zone a little and explore some new local restaurants, cuisines, cafes, and experiences. As an Arizona native, it wasn't until recently that I started taking serious advantage of the fact that there was so much out there for me to do and see in a two hour drive or less. So combining my love for day dates and road trips has been nothing but pure bliss. Here are a few of my recent favorite cities to check out with you and yours!

Sedona, AZ
Oh Sedona, how I love you so. There will never be enough words that could capture the pure beauty and magic of Sedona. Whether you live in or out of state, put this city at the top of your bucket list because it is unlike any other. My boyfriend and I agree that our dinner at Elote Cafe is still one of our absolute bests, which, believe me, is no easy decision. During the day you can take a hike almost anywhere and have your mind absolutely blown. There's so many paths to choose from that I can't possibly pick a favorite. Fuel up pre or post hike by stopping by at Local Juicery for the most amazing cold pressed juices and high vibe goodness. Afterwards, there's an amazing Buddhist Stupa hidden amongst the red rocks. There's no hiking required here so it's perfect to stop, breath, take it in, and find some peace with your love right besides you. Dude, there's just so much to fall in love with at Sedona that I could go on and on but instead I will tell you to just go, now, and experience it all for yourself!

Flagstaff, AZ
This is one you may want to stay overnight for but a day trip here is also totally do-able. It's a beautiful, white, snowy get-away for Phoenix residents during winter. There's snowboarding, skiing, and sledding of course but also some pretty beautiful hikes through some of the forests during the spring and summer. You could spend the day doing bouncing from their pretty large selection of awesome local breweries as well if you or your partner groove with craft beer. If not, there's a few vegan restaurants like Red Curry or WHyld Ass that serves kombucha on tap! Or stop by Macy's for some seriously delicious coffee to go play in the snow with.

Strawberry, AZ
Two words: Fossil Creek. If you haven't seen pictures of Fossil Creek, do yourself a favor and look it up right this instant. Getting there is going to require a bit of hiking so start the day early enough that you can snag a parking spot and experience kinder temperatures. It gets a little crowded during the summer, especially on the weekends. But the waterfall views and turquoise clear waters are just so, so worth it! There's a few jumping spots too if you're feeling particularly adventurous. The actual drive through Strawberry is beautiful in itself so roll down the windows, turn up the music, and take it all in, love.

Three different cities, all with three pretty different sceneries and vibes. Knock them out a weekend at a time, or set aside one day each month with your love just dedicated to alone time together to get outside, play, and experience new places together! It's my favorite way to re-connect, tune out the rest of the world for a little bit, and take it all in together.