Just say the word matcha and you've got my attention. I have fallen deeply in love with this magical powder. With its beautiful rich color, silky smooth taste, and natural high vibe energy burst , what's not to love?


Matcha is a high-quality green tea in which the leaves are crushed until they make a fine-ground powder. This is different than your bagged leaf green tea for that very reason and why it's oh so powerful. When you consume the entire leaf in its powder form, you're consuming an abundance of antioxidants unlike any other tea. This is what gives you that natural energy boost that makes you feel calm, focused, and yet energized all at once. Some refer to this boost as zenergy for its zen-like fuel! It's also used for boosting your immune system, enhancing your mood, stimulating your metabolism, helping prevent cancer, promoting healthy skin, and detoxifying your body. Gold, baby.


Purchasing a high-quality matcha is key and is obviously going to cost a bit more than your average bagged green tea. One of my favorite brands is Mizuba Tea Co. that I order directly through their website here. It's obviously going to have a similar profile to your bagged leaf green tea, but with a much richer texture. You can make it as simple as adding hot water and whisking till frothy or you can add it to your morning smoothies, homemade nut milks, or even matcha lattes! (Oh baby...) It's my favorite coffee alternative and afternoon pick me up to help me out without sending me crashing later. Get to sippin', love!