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+ Introduction of functional/naturopath doctors recommended diet

+ Nutrient deep dive - philosophy on a healing diet and anti-inflammatory foods

  • Oils, sugars, grains, dairy, fermented foods, drinks 

  • Foods to avoid

    + Diet specific diet meal plans, recipes, meal/snack ideas

+ Being social and eating out

+ Diet specific diet meal plans, recipes, meal/snack ideas 

+ Kitchen overhaul 

+ Family education  

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+ Implementing a daily/weekly/monthly schedule for healing 

+ Incorporating a daily system for at home care

+ Organization of doctors visits, appointments, therapies and medicines

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+ Tips for assessing your healing journey, how we know you’re getting stronger

+ Staying committed - keeping your head in the game

+ Detoxing and supportive techniques to support it  

  • Grounding - when, how and why

    + Creating the best [in-home] environment to promote healing

+ Sharing your experience openly with a neutral coach that understands

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+ Gratefulness – cultivating a response to your experience

+ Subconscious vs. Conscious - gaining control of your thoughts  

+ Effective Journaling 

+ Meditation and visualization techniques that work

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+ Books

+ Movies and documentaries 

+ Doctors 

+ Alternative healing therapies 

+ Podcasts 

+ Support Groups


Initial consultation: $375

+ three ½ hour follow ups – first month full support

Hourly pricing after first month (as needed basis): $50/hour

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