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Holly McKibben - Founder

Holistic Chef, Meal Prep Guru, Nutrition + Lifestyle Coach

meal developer, Passionate Motivator

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My passion of spreading wellness needed a new platform: my love for nourishing foods, my bliss in cooking for others and my positive coaching on whole foods education, all supported the growth of Conscious Dining. I wanted to provide an easy way for people to have access to whole foods for all their needs. As a lifestyle and nutrition coach, I kept hearing the same thing: ‘I don’t have time’, ‘it’s too much work’, or ‘I don’t even know where to start.’ My goal is to blend healthy eating and education, and to inspire others to commit to health through what you choose to nourish your body with. I work closely building trusting relationships with families to create delicious healthy foods that keep them satisfied and nourished.
— holly