Holly’s positive energy is so uplifting and motivating! After every visit I am fueled up to take on the world, take better care of myself with smarter food choices. Just what I need as I am a working mother of 2 angels that keep me very busy! Love them but need to take care of mommy too, right?! Holly’s cooking is on point! It’s so healthy, so good for the body and delish! Every time I see a new post on Instagram, I drool and immediately want the recipe. I not only want to be healthy for my family but myself too. It is very important as a woman to feel confident and secure in your own skin. We lose sight of that sometimes, but people like Holly remind us to get back on track. A little healthy Holly love to get my family and I through the week is amazing!
— Kate | North Scottsdale
After dining with Conscious Dining, I learned that healthy eating doesn’t mean “sacrifice taste and variety”! Holly and the Conscious Dining team provided us with amazing appetizers, salads, main courses and ... (drum roll) .... DESSERTS! Holly spent time with us explaining the ingredients, how it was prepared, and the benefits it brings to your mind and body. After dinner was finished, I felt satisfied, refreshed, and good energy from all the healthy nutrients in our meal. Couldn’t be happier with the taste, preparation, food knowledge, and overall experience Conscious Dining provided for my friends and me!
— Blake | scottsdale
Sometimes in life you come across someone who you know was put on this earth to help others…Holly is one of those people. Her passion to inspire, love and serve others can be felt by simply being in her presence. Every time my beautiful girlfriend and I get to spend time with her and her husband, we leave as better people. From the way she educates us about the amazing food she serves, to the nutritional plan she went above and beyond to create for me, Holly puts her heart into all she does. We are blessed to have her in our lives and I would encourage anyone reading this to spend time with her so you too can experience the feeling of being a better, healthier person. If nothing else, at least try her desserts ;)
— noah | arcadia
The Conscious Dining atmosphere was very relaxed, light and positive. Holly handled everything in flying colors: she generated an entire four-course menu, did ALL the cooking, she had great plate presentation for all the course (appetizers/ salad/ main entrée & don’t forget dessert). Also, at the beginning of each course, she would describe exactly what we were eating (that involved listing out every major ingredient), she would even offer to tell you just exactly HOW she cooked and then she would relate to how easily you can incorporate those small food substitutes into your everyday, normal routine. The dining experience was so wonderful and man, did it feel good to be served an entire dinner meal at your place and not have to worry about picking up people’s plates, worry about the dessert burning, etc!
— paige elizabeth | phoenix
The first time I met Holly, she was in the kitchen doing her thing as usual, and I specifically remember that I could immediately feel her positive energy & passion for a healthy and happy lifestyle radiating off of her. I’m not even sure if I had to ask what sort of ingredients and (to me) strange looking spices/ oils she was cooking with, before she quickly volunteered and started talking about them and describing in great detail on all the ways each ingredient nourishes the body or how a certain ingredient was a great substitute for a less nutritional item. Being that I grew up on fast food/ take-out and still currently lived off of burritos, pizza, candy… I was introduced to an entirely new way of looking at food!
— taylor | arcadia