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+ Weekly Meal Planning

+ Healthy Dietary-Specific Meal Ideas + Recipes

+ Personal Grocery Shopping

+ Fridge Organization + Cleaning

+ In-Home Meal Preparation

+ Clean Kitchen

Holly is one of the most incredible spirits I have ever met. Her smile and ability to bring warmth and delicious food into your kitchen is incredible. She is an amazing chef who provided healthy delicious meals for our family. Whether she prepared her own menu for us or prepped out recipes that I provided, it was always wonderful.
Holly provided grocery store runs, food prep, home made nut milk, baby food and specialized kid meals as well. It was so nice to have her and all of her support to provide my family with healthy food when I wasn’t able to. I truly believe that food should be made with love from the heart and that is exactly what Holly does. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is very adaptable and can truly provide you with anything you need.
— Shaelyn Palmer, Carson's lovely wife (Arizona Cardinals)

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+ Private Healthy Chef + Educational Dinners

+ Table Decor

+ Full Service: Set-up, Service & Clean-up

+ Educational Dining Experiences Catered to You

+ Intimate Catering for Private Events